Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Tahar Ben Jelloun

Dear Tahar Ben Jelloun Tahar Ben Jelloun

Dear, I read today, Saturday, January 29, 2011, on page 5 of the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino of Bologna, one of your interview, bearing the name of the journalist John Serafini , by the popular uprisings that are flashing Egypt and Algeria, Tunisia and Yemen. The title of the article is "Do not call it a revolution. It 'the wrath of the hungry." I agree with you, dear Tahar Ben Jelloun: the hunger, the hunger that drives the sacred rage of the people and deserves respect. And your analysis of the social situation of the Maghreb would be perfect, dear Tahar Ben Jelloun, except that at one point appear to me as a liar and that makes me very angry, dear Tahar Ben Jelloun, because writers like you should obfuscate rather than enlighten the minds, and why some of your books I've read and loved very much. Asked about the social background of Morocco's journalist Serafini "And Morocco, which is his country of birth?", You give this answer "Morocco is quiet: there is social progress, growth, democracy, freedom of expression. There would be if problems still rules Hassan II: the new king, Mohammed VI, everything changed. " But how can you say that Morocco is tranquil, if only the November 8, 2010 has been violently repressed the peaceful uprising of more than 200,000 Sahrawi camp in protest to the south of El Ajoun to Gdeim Izik, in what was called the Field of dignity, where they had gathered to protest peacefully against their living conditions, their rights are not respected and the lack of a job? And what about the riots of the fishermen of Sidi Ifni, these repressed in blood? They are not Sahrawi, but Moroccan. What about social progress, what do you mean? There is no social progress, in my opinion there is no respect for human rights. And how can you say that in Morocco there is freedom of expression if journalists are not allowed to tell what is really going on in Morocco? I would like to remind you that the editors of two newspapers such as Le Journal Hebdomadaire and Nichane have been closed. The truth is that dear Tahar Ben Jelloun of your country only tell you what pleases your God, which behaves just like Hassan II, but less obvious. But you should know. Even France, the country where you live, you know, but since it shares interests with Morocco on Western Sahara, UN vetoes is that the European Union when it is going to investigate the misdeeds of Morocco. Waiting for your answers as if I were your daughter, dear Tahar Ben Jelloun. I wish you wrote for me and for all the readers who follow you for years, "The question Sahrawi explained to my daughter, "with the intellectual honesty that I expect from a great writer like you.

I embrace you, dear Tahar Ben Jelloun.

Sabrina Giarratana


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